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Pelikan Yayıncılık Pelikan's Grammar Wizard 1 With Key Elementary to Pre-intermediate

Ürün Kodu : 9786059029360
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23.05.2024 tarihine kadar kargoda
Pelikan's Grammar Wizard 1 With Key Elementary to Pre-intermediate

Pelikan's Grammar Wizard I, a self-study grammar book for elementary to intermediate level learners of English, is updated with the addition of colorful pictures, cartoons, and illustrations, as it is believed that colorful pictures, cartoons, and illustrations instantaneously appeal to learners and have the power to engage students in their learning. Thus engaged, learners have a better chance of improving their English. Also added in this edition are speaking and writing sections which consolidate learning by engaging students more in the process.
This edition retains all the key features that have made the book popular with both learners and teachers. Designed to be flexible, the book is available both with and without answer keys, making it not only ideal for self-study, but also suitable for reinforcement work in the classroom. This version provides tens of thousands of exercises. It is arranged in a tried-and-trusted, easy to use format, with explanations of grammar points on left-hand page, and exercises to check understanding on the right as much as possible. Also its fresh, appealing new design and clear layout, with revised and updated examples make it a unique book for the learners and teachers both.
Pelikan's Grammar Wizard I is the ultimate grammar book which fulfils four main functions. First, by providing concise, easy to understand and deductive explanations and inductive examples of target grammar points, the book makes the learning of English language easy for the EFL/ESL learners. Second, the exercises rich in variety and ample in quantity help students consolidate their understanding of the key grammar points presented in the explanation parts. Third, ample and updated exercises pave the way for the students to perfect their acquisition. Fouth, speaking and writing exercises make students internalize key grammar points by giving more time to them to think over.
Another crucial feature of the book which must be noted is the way the book is designed, as it is restructured in line with the syllabus designed by the Ministry of Education. Undoubtedly the most conspicuous change in this book is addition of colorful pictures, cartoons, and illustrations, conceived to be functional as well as handsome. Headings are easier to find and read; exercises are more distinct; and crucial material is more accessible. The grammar is presented in such a way that the key grammar points covered in the earlier units serve as the basis for the later units, and subconsciously prepares the students for more sophisticated grammar points. In presentation of the target grammar points, utmost care is given to make the key grammar points understandable. To make learning long-lasting, key grammar points are presented in charts accompanied by explanations as well as easy-to-remember examples. The updated and revised examples following the explanations give students the leverage to keep the rules in mind for a longer time so that the grammar details can be internalized. The students doing exercises will have the opportunity to go back to the respective explanations as each exercise is designed to practice one specific grammar point. This, in our mind, is vital as we believe that learning is a structured activity and any explanation should be covered in the exercises for students to check their understanding of it.
One should keep in mind that it is not possible to cover all the details of English Grammar in such a book. Therefore, in line with the syllabus designed by the Ministry of Education only essential English Grammar is covered. The main target of the book is to teach learners of English the fundamentals of English language, so the priority is given to the essential English Grammar.
A basic exercise and reference book for elementary to intermediate level learners of English, Pelikan's Grammar Wizard I can serve you as a textbook and exercise book for learning English not only in classroom but also at home or at work. Mastery of the grammar points presented in this book will by itself make you cognizant of standard written English-the written language common to business and the professions.
Gürcan Günay & Mustafa Demir

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