​Pelikan Yayınları Easy to Learn Vocabulary for All YDS YÖKDİL YKSDİL PROFICIENCY

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ISBN 9786057868435
YAZAR Pelikan Komisyon
EBAT 19x27
En geç 1 - 3 iş günü içinde seçilen kargo firmasına teslim edilecektir.
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Pelikan Yayınları Easy to Learn Vocabulary for All YDS YÖKDİL YKSDİL PROFICIENCY

YAZARLAR: Gohar Seyedi, Muammer Çam

EBAT: 19×27

Broadly speaking, vocabulary learning is central to language teaching and is of paramount importance to learners in
foreign language learning. Without an extensive vocabulary, we will be unable to use the structures and functions we may
have learned for comprehensible communication as David Wilkins believed “Without grammar little can be conveyed,
without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.”
Why is this book useful to students?
Vocabulary for All is very useful resource for the learners seeking to enrich and master their academic vocabulary. This
book is equipped with the necessary word knowledge to prepare learners for the YDS, YÖKDİL, YKS-DİL and other
standard examinations such as SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, Proficiency and Cambridge English Exams. The book is
especially prepared to provide students with focused practice on ‘’vocabulary in context’’ with a simple yet a systematic
approach to boost vocabulary by recalling technique in intermediate and advanced levels. Also, a wide range of word lists
make up the remainder of each volume. Short and clear sentences that make the learners grasp the actual meaning of
the unknown words from the context are among the most important features of the book. At this point, answer key is written
with the whole sentence for such contexualized purpose that helps students learn different meanings of a certain word by
reverberating in their mind . Vocabulary for All is a partner book to Grammar for All and has been classroom tested and
has met with approval by teachers in ICON Academy for some years.
The present book will help students to:
ü enhance their knowledge of word meanings in the context as well as synonyms, collocations, phrasal verbs,
prepositional phrases and word forms to reach a fully understanding of this high frequency vocabulary list,
ü recycle target words so many times in the reading passages and through the vocaubulary related tasks that
follow: Vocabulary Test, Matching Exercise, Gap Filling, Glossary, Index, Review Tests, Answer Key and the
Vocabulary Test options of forthcoming volumes. Numerous excercises in a variety of formats are presented to
give students ample practice,
ü focus on an extensive range of academic subject areas, such as History, Psychology, Aviation, Sport, Literature,
Geography, Economy, Sociology, Engineering, Astrology, Business and Medical Science,
ü develop learners’ skills in vocabulary building by presenting the suffixes and prefixes along with example words
and some word family exercises.
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We’d like to express our appreciation to Ahmet Akdağ whose meticulous and perspective review and valuable advice
supported us to greatly enrich the book.
We designed this material carefully considering the shortcomings in the available resources and tried to provide and boost
effective vocabulary learning strategies. We sincerely hope that this book will have a good impact on the way you view the
learning and teaching of vocabulary in a foreign language.
Muammer ÇAM
Dr. Gohar SEYEDI
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