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Yargı Yayınları YDS Pratctising English Grammar

Ürün Kodu : 9786053526742
39,50 TL
23,70 TL
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18.04.2024 tarihine kadar kargoda
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YDS Pratctising english grammar
- Intermediate &
- Uper- Intermediate students
Who is this book for?
Practising English Grammar is suitable for students who want to Iearn English at intermediate and upper intermediate level. You can work with a teacher or alone, Students who require further grammatical information can refer to the Practising English Grammar.
What does Practising English Grammar consist of?
This book consists of 21 chapters, each on a grammatical topics. You`ll find lots of information about the English language in this book. You can practise your English with the exercises and tests .The exercise of each topic begins with an exercise called WRITE, the purpose of which is to develop the student`s ability and to learn the topics well. There are tests at the end of each chapter.You can do a test after you have worked through a group of units. Tests provide two things. Firstly, you`ll find out whether you have overlooked the grammar. Secondly, the tests provide you practice in the exam questions.
How do you work this book?
It`s usually more effective to look at the examples of each unit rather than to read the statements. Each topic of Practising English Grammar has an explanatory section in which students are led to an understanding of the structure of English patterns and are given practice in learning them.
The explanations of grammar in Practising English Grammar are a guide to help you understand. If you are learning a chapter or part of a chapter vvhich you want to study, do this by referring to the contents. Usually, this will be a topic you have been dealing with in your course.
1. Read the topic carefully.
2. Do the exercises.
3. Open the Key Ansvver Book and then check your answers
4. If you`ve made mistakes, study the topic again until you have understood why you do.
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