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Seçkin Yayıncılık Managing Central Local Fiscal Relations in Turkey

Ürün Kodu : 9789750270215
Sayfa Sayısı : 200
Ebat : 16x24
140,00 TL
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Central local fiscal relations encompass several issues: expenditure and tax assignments, fiscal transfers, budget procedures, employment conditions and electoral process. A resilient management of central local fiscal relations is an indispensable component of decentralisation policies. This book contains a collection of articles on fiscal decentralisation and central local fiscal relations in Turkey, intends to contribute to this area of interest. It consists of data-based advanced econometric analyses in the light of international experience. To sum up, this work tries to answer the question, ‘Central-local fiscal relations in Turkey: A way forward?' while incorporating Turkey's last three decades experience.

Konu Başlıkları

Central–Local Fiscal Relations In Turkey: A Technical Analysis Of Fiscal Equalization, Isa Sagbas
Determinants Of The Distribution Of The Central Government Budgetary Grants In Turkey, Recep Tekeli & Muhittin Kaplan
An Econometric Analysis Of Local Fiscal Response To Revenue Sharing In Turkey, Isa Sagbas
Effects Of Grants From Central Government Budget: The Case Of Turkish Municipalities, Recep Tekeli
The Impact Of Tax Apportionment On Fiscal Equalization: A Case Study Of Turkish Metropolitan Municipalities, Naci Tolga Saruc & Isa Sagbas & Recep Yorulmaz
Does Flypaper Effect Exist? New Evidence From Turkish Municipalities, Yasin Acar
Intergovernmental Transfers And The Flypaper Effect In Turkey, Isa Sagbas & Naci Tolga Saruc
The Surge Impact Of The Flypaper And Stimulation
Substitution Effects On Local Tax Effort In Turkey, Naci Tolga Saruc & Isa Sagbas
Fiscal Decentralisation, The Size Of The Public Sector, And Economic Growth In Turkey, Isa Sagbas & Huseyin Sen & Muhsin Kar
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